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Support a child like Yonel today!

Give Yonel and children like him regular meals, medical care, an education, and the love and guidance of a family-style children's home.

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Your donation will make a difference!

Builders Without Borders of Texas's children's home is located in Raymond, just outside of Jacmel, Haiti. The home cares for 26 children. Our home is not an "institutional" orphanage. It is run like a large family home by house parents Frantzo and Anise, who love and care for the children like their own. BWBT board members are at the home regularly during the year. We provide regular meals, clothing, medical/dental care, an education, and the staff needed to help the home run as smoothly as possible.

Think your donation won't make a difference? Meet Yonel. Pictured above on the left is how Yonel looked when we found him abandoned in the mountains of Haiti in 2013. At that time, he barely spoke, suffered from malnutrition, and had never been to school. He was six years old. Pictured on the right, is two years after Yonel came to live in our home. He his healthy, strong, intelligent and a joy to know. He finishes at the top of his class every year and is making plans for a bright future!

Life in Haiti is difficult and labor intensive. All clothes are washed by hand and meals are prepared from scratch. Electricity is inconsistent and expensive to use. When it is not on, power in the home is provided by a generator, which requires the purchase of fuel to operate. School in Haiti is not free. Children who attend must pay tuition and curriculum and provide their own uniforms and supplies. Transportation is difficult and costly. Vehicles, fuel, and upkeep in Haiti are very expensive. All of these costs for the home are paid for by us. Your donation will help tremendously!

If you find it within your heart and have the ability to fully sponsor a child at $300 a month, thank you! However, any amount you give will help. Just 10 people per child giving $30 a month would fully fund the home!