Every month, you are going to spend $21 on something. image

Every month, you are going to spend $21 on something.

How will you spend your $21?

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Why not invest in a child? $21 a month will send a child to school and provide them with a daily hot meal.

Less than half of Haiti's children attend school. Most often, it is because families do not have enough money to pay for it, and school in Haiti is rarely offered for free. We offer school and a daily meal for free at both of our schools in Raymond, Haiti. Providing a quality education is key to making long-term change in a child's life. Feeding a child provides better health and allows them to be more focused and present in the classroom. With your help, our schools in Haiti do just that. Your $21 a month pays the school's operating expenses and provides a daily hot meal for a child. In addition to the life-changing help for the children, your donation is providing jobs by paying teachers and cooks.